AB Plastics, Inc. can offer all products manufactured from one or more of the following thermoplastic materials.

Rigid Type I PVC
Normal impact grade material conforming to ASTM D1784, Type 1, Grade 1 PVC. Excellent chemical resistance to both acid and alkai solutions for temperatures up to maximum of 140'F. All grades are self-extinguishing. Dark grey standard with additional colors available upon request.

Rigid Type II PVC
High impact grade material conforming to ASTM D1784.81, Class 15344-D, Type II, grade 1 PVC. Excellent resistance to acids and alkaline solutions. High impact properties of this material give it superior structural integrity over Type I PVC in larger industrial applications. Light grey standard with additional colors available upon request.

Corzan™ CPVC
Post chlorinated rigid PVC material conforming to ASTM D1784.90, Class 23447B. Superior chemical and heat resistance that allows continual operating temperatures up to 194'F. Color is light gray. Also available in off-white as Corzan™ 4910, a fire-safe material that meets Factory Mutual standard 4910 for cleanroom equipment.

Homopolymer Polypropylene
Homopolymer polypropylene resin conforming to ASTM D4101.82, Class 1, Group 1. Extruded, stress free, consistently flat material. Excellent chemical resistance to a broad range of acids, alkalis and most organic solvents up to 180'F. Exceptional tensile strength and stiffness lends this material to almost any fabrication. Conforms to FDA Regulation 21, CFR 177.1520 for food grade applications.

Co-Polymer Polypropylene
High-impact grade material which involves the additional copolymerization of propylene and ethylene in a secondary reactor. Conforms to ASTM D4101.82 Class 1 Group 1. Excellent chemical resistance over a wide thermal range. Increased impact resistance over homopolymer polyproplene down to 0'F. Excellent weldability. Ideal material for tank construction.

High-Density Polythylene
Stress-relieved high-density polyethylene material conforming to ASTM D1248-84. Excellent chemical resistance, frictional resistance, and strength up to 160'F. Available in black pipe grade resin (PE 3408) which meets NSF standard 14 and 61 for potable water applications. FDA and USDA approved for food grade applications.

Kynar™ PVDF
Kynar™ is a high molecular weight thermoplastic polymer of vinylidene fluoride manufactured by Atochem North America, Inc. It conforms to FDA, USDA, UPXX Class 6 and 3A sanitary regulation compliance. It possesses superior corrosion, impact and abrasion resistance to almost all known chemicals over a wide range of temperatures (-40'F to above +300'F). It is extremely tough, resistant to UV light and self-extinguishing.

Halar™ ECTFE
Halar™ ethylene-chlorotrifluorethylene products are virtually unaffected by most common corrosive chemicals. ECTFE has excellent chemical and mechanical properties, impact strength, and a broad service use temperature. This polymer offers extremely low permeability to liquids, gases, and vapors.

FEP Fluoropolymer
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) is a thermoplastic fluorocarbon with the same resistance to chemicals as PTFE. This material can be used in a temperature range between -190' to +205'C (-310' to 400'). Certain processes, such as adhesion and FRP reinforcement can significantly reduce the permissible temperature limits. 

PFA Fluoropolymer
Perfluoralkoxy Resin (PFA) is a thermoplastic fluorocarbon with similar capabilities and characteristics to FEP. The temperature application range for PFA is -190' to +280'C (-301' to 500'). PFA is also a suitable material for the highest ultra-pure requirements.

Fabric-Backed Dual-Laminate and Specialty Materials
We can also manufacture equipment fabricated from dual-laminate materials which combine the excellent chemical resistance of thermoplastics with the superb mechanical strength of FRP construction. Unplasticized PVC, woven fabric-backed polypropylene, PVDF, ECTFE, PFA, and FEP are available for applications including chemical storage tanks, ducting and processing vessels. Please call for more information on these special materials.

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